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Research Line: Artificial Intelligence in Games PDF Print E-mail

The main interest of AI Games group is the use of artificial intelligence in digital interactive games.

RTS Games

Real Time Strategy is an exciting game genre for artificial intelligence development.  There is a strong need for fast reaction and intelligent behavior. Typical AI challenges in this genre are planning, adversary modeling, strategies, terrain analysis, smart pathfinding, wise movement of group formations, just to mention a few.

FPS Games

First Person Shooters is a genre with a strong need for artificial intelligence. FPS Games are intended to provide an immersive experience in a virtual world, trying to be realistic in several intelligence aspects, such as adaptation to the environment, behavior of non-playable characters and the use of tactics and strategies.

Card Games

Card games are also popular in Artificial Intelligence. In the last years there is a growing interest in card games where intelligent behavior is important to achieve victory. Perhaps the most exciting card game is now poker, where the player must decide how to play. There is a competition organized by the AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Inteligence). The objective of this competition is to benefit artificial intelligence by promoting, aiding, and evaluating research in computer poker.


You can find more information in the official page of the AI Games Group.

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